JFUO are manufactured in standard sizes of 250, 315, 355 and 370 mm impeller diameter and cover all thrust requirements usually found in relevant specifications.

By installing an adequate number of jet fans in an enclosed car park, a constant air-movement can be created ensuring that the CO concentration all over the car park is maintained in line with building regulations.

The fan motor unit is mounted in a sound-attenuated galvanized steel casing.

Impelles with pitch adjustable blades are made of injection-moulded aluminium and preset for the required duty except the ventilation JFU series is of sheet metal blade.

Wolter jetfans have Dischage guide vanes allow to adjust the airflow direction according to architectural requirements

All fan are can be manufactured to correspond to F300 and F400 requirement for smoke-extract application.

All motor are 2/4 pole. Protection classic IP55 protection class. Motor are connected to an outside junction box or lockbale isolator switch for 40oC standard temperature or 300oC/h

All casing are oval-sharep in order to minimise headroom obstruction.


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