Since 1971, WOLTER has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of fans and ventilation products for the international market.

In addition to the two manufacturing facilities in Germany ( Malsch/Waldmunchen) several assembly plants were established in Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Egypt.

Wolter ventilation (Thailand) is founded by the joint venture among TN Group, Wolter ventilation ( Germany) and Wolter Asia ( Hongkong). Wolter ventilation( Thailand) is dominated to be an exclusive manufacture and distributor of ” WOLTER” products in Thailand and South- Earth Asia.

And We- WOLTER VIETNAM VENTILATION CO.,LTD was founded in 2015 to become the exclusive distributor brand developer of Wolter products in Vietnam market under the authorization of Wolter ventilation (Thailand). Wolter Ventilation Products based on international standards with modern technology from Germany and manufactured in Thailand. The company’s products are tested by assessing the quality of advanced equipment, using modern methods and experiments conducted by a team of leading experts in the field of materials technology applications company. We ensure that our products provide customers the best products, on schedule with the most reasonable price .

With the success achieved in the recent past, we believe that we can afford to participate in any project serving for the construction of the country, which led the country into the millennium new path of industrialization and modernization of the country.

The products under brand “WOLTER” are not only produced under the technological cooperation from germany, but also quality controlled by the international standard such as AMCA, BS848, ISO9001, DIN24163 and PIARC1995.


Vietnam is a country located near the equator, with hot, humid weather and is one of the countries with the speed of rapid economic development in the world. So, in order to meet customer demand, we strive towards the goal of sustainable development become a leading company in Vietnam in the field of electrical, air conditioning and ventilation systems for customers in the field of industrial and civil applications in plants, factories, offices, storage …

Based on their capabilities and expand cooperation with partners at home and abroad, the advanced technology group in the world, creative and proactive at the forefront of the latest technology, the most efficient and economic Obvious. We are committed to the products, the best service for customers, profitable for the company, the career of the individual members and for technology development and prosperity of mankind in general.

We built a team rich in knowledge, discipline, a sense of solidarity – agreed, dynamic – innovative thinking and action.

We build a corporate culture with the ethos imbued with national identity combined with professional style of the developed countries to operate the machine platform company to bring the most satisfaction to customers.


For Customers: Provide services & high quality products and provide long-term stability. The needs of customers are committed to serving the best.

For business partners: Maintain, develop and nurture long-term relationships on the principles of respect for the interests of the parties and the parties have interests to create the best quality products.

For the community: Always watch the heart to share with the community in both physical and mental is the social responsibility of business. Also, when performing any activity or business, we are always concerned about the environmental impacts to ensure that the environment is clean and better than ever.

For Employees: Create a work environment of equality, irrespective of age, gender, and creating opportunities for talent development.

WOLTER VIETNAM VENTILATION CO.,LTD sincerely thanks valued customers trust and cooperate with us in the past. Hopefully, Wolter Fan will contribute significantly to the success of our customers.

Thank you and Best regards!