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Centrifugal Fans Backward Blade, Single inlet

Direct or Belt Driven standard diameters range from 125 to 1250 mm

With airflow rates of up to 100.00 m3/hr

At total pressure increases of up to 280 mm-wg

Thermoplastic materials such as PP, GRP, FRP that offer the best guarantee to resist most chemicals are availble.


Chemco corrosive resistant plastic fans are specially developed to handle heavy corrosive fumes, vapours, contaminated air and aggressive gases. Such fans are suitable for use in the test laboratory, hospital, food industry, electronic industry, chemical and electroplating industry, clean rooms engineering etc.

They are also suitable for air conditionung application in the building industry.


Chemco supply a complete range of highly quality and efficient radial tip backward curve fans, wich offer an excellent performance with a low noise level.

All fans drive and accessories are produced to strict quality standards.

Only the best quality materials are used and all fans are tested and rated in accordance with DIN 24163 and ISO 58011.


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