Long cased axial fan casing manufactured of rolled galvanized steel.

Motor-impeller assembly through modular system.

Epoxy powder coat finishing.

Squirrel cage syncronous standard motor,IP-55  protection and rated class F insulation.Standard voltage 230V 50Hz for single phase motors 220/380V 50Hz for three phase, motor up to 450 kw.


Specially designed for duct assembly are suitable for : General ventilation.

Renovation of stuffy air environments in buildings and industry.

Smoke extraction

Fresh air injection in any local types, buildings and industry installations.


Range with 22 sizes from ∅ 315 mm. until ∅ 2800 mm.,provided with single phase 2,4 and 6 pole motors and with three phase 2,4,6 and 8 pole motors.

Air-flow from 1700  m³/h until 890,000 m³/h.

PP IMPELLER : Variable pitch angle polypropylene impeller reinforce with fiberglass.

ALU IMPELLER : Cast aluminium impeller variable pitch angle.


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