Design Features:

Series WC ceiling fans are incorporated with high performance and low noise centrifugal fan. The housing of high impact plastic and metal frame comes with non return fl ap to prevent back fl ow. Inlet mounting plate comes with spring clip for easy removal and cleaning. WC-M series, the housing come with fully metal type.


Motor of IP 44 – Single phase type, capacitor type and with thermal switch. WC-M series is of rotor motor type.

Control Unit:

 For simple set-up, a step switch or stepless speed control switch is suffi cient. A more sensitive control can be achieved by standard controllers for single phase AC.

Fan Performance Curve:

The performance curves in this catalogue have been established using the inlet test method in a test chamber according to DIN 24163, mounting position B equivalents to ISO5801.


The WC ceiling fan series are ideal for easy installation on false ceilings. The fan come with round spigot outlet for easy connection to fl exible hose and fi xed by clamps for easy removal and maintenances.


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